Edamame (v)                           10

Homemade Lotus Chips (V)     10

Agedashi Tofu                           11

Fried Yam Potato, Sweet Soy  (V)(GF?) 13

Garden Salad  (V)                      11

Takoyaki(octopus ball) (6pcs)     11

Fried Dumpling (6pcs)                14

Karage Chicken                          17

Vegetable Tempura                     15

Prawn Tempura(3pcs)                 16

Miso Beef Tendon Stew with Tofu   17


Tomi homemade pickles (V)(GF?)   12

Seasonal vegetable mainly from our restaurant organic garden


Chicken kasuzuke  (GF)  17

grilled sake lees preserved chicken
*Dish preserved by sake lees may still have alcohol in it.


Salmon zuke (GF?) 17

fresh salmon sashimi marinated in garlic shoot & sesame soy


Beef fillet tataki  (GF)  21.5

lightly seared beef fillet served with our spray free walnut mustard


Merino lamb rump  23

Canterbury merino lamb rump, seared then cooked in cardamom infused soy




枝豆(V) 10

自家製れんこんチップ (V)   10

揚げ里芋の甘辛煮 (V) (GF?)   13

揚げ出し豆腐         11

タコ焼き(6pcs)        11

揚げ餃子(6pcs)       14

鶏の唐揚げ       17

野菜の天婦羅   15

海老の天婦羅(3pcs)  16

牛筋と厚揚げの味噌煮込み 17


季節の漬物盛り合わせ (V)(GF?)   12

鶏の酒粕漬け(GF)     17

サーモンとニンニクの茎しょうゆ漬け (GF?)   17

牛ヒレ肉のタタキ 無農薬胡桃からし (GF)   21.5

メリノラム の和風ロースト 23



(V) vegetarian, (GF) gluten free, (GF?) gluten possible on request +$1.5



King Salmon Sashimi          (8pcs)  24

Seasonal Bluefin Tuna Sashimi   (8pcs) 26

Chef’s Sashimi Platter      (9pcs)  27

Chef’s Sashimi Platter     (20pcs)  49


サーモン刺身      (8pcs) 24

旬の本マグロの刺身   (8pcs) 26

本日の刺身盛り合わせ    (9pcs) 27

本日の刺身盛り合わせ    (20pcs)  49


Nigiri Sushi
にぎり寿司 (2pcs)


Salmon      7.5

Seared Salmon   8

Tuna      8.5

Seared Bluefin Tuna   9.5

White Fish    7.5

Aka Prawn  8.5

Sweet Omelette     7

Scallop    12.5

Seared Beef Fillet 8


Assorted Nigiri of the day   20

Jumbo Flame Grilled Toro Salmon(2pcs)    18

Deluxe Chirashi                       34

Selected fresh Sashimi on sushi rice


Roll Sushi

Salmon Sushi Roll                   (5pcs)  12

Teriyaki Chicken Sushi Roll        (5pcs)  11

Softshell Crab Sushi Roll      (5pcs)  16  / (10pcs) 26


サーモン   7.5

炙りサーモン   8

マグロ    8.5

炙り本マグロ 9.5

白身           7.5

赤海老     8.5

玉子          7

ホタテ    12.5

牛ヒレ肉のタタキ 8


本日の握り5種盛り合わせ   20

炙りトロサーモン(2pcs)      18

ちらし寿司            34



サーモン巻き寿司                 (5pcs)  12

照り焼きチキン巻き寿司        (5pcs)  11

ソフトシェルクラブ巻き寿司         (5pcs)  16  / (10pcs) 26


Main Dish


Teriyaki Chicken  (GF?)        26

Grilled chicken thigh finished with teriyaki sauce served with salad.


Crispy Chicken             26

Tempura chicken on salad green with Japanese brown sauce & mayo.


Eggplant Dengaku   (V)(GF)          26

Eggplant is grilled and coated with our hatcho sweet miso glaze, then melted with fresh mozzarella.


Pork Katsu “Free farmed Harris farms”      28

Deep fried panko crumbed Pork cutlet, served with shaved cabbage & tonkatsu sauce.


Pork Kakuni “Free farmed Harris farms”     29.5

Pork belly slow cooked in sweet soy, served veg & free range egg


Saikyo Miso Duck “Canter valley Sefton”  (GF?)   38

Grilled Saikyo miso duck breast, with duck fat glazed yam.

Duck is preserved in sweet miso for a period of time, which draws out

moisture from the meat and concentrates the flavor.


Angus Beef Fillet   (GF?)   36

Medium rare aged beef fillet with our ginger soy based sauce.


Toban Salmon “South Island King salmon”    (GF?) 35

Fresh king salmon on sizzling hot plate served with Teriyaki sauce.


NZ Wagyu Sukiyaki Hotpot  (GF?)   35

Thinly sliced South Island wagyu beef simmered in a sweet soy broth with veg, tofu & udon noodle.


Today’s Fish

Whatever fresh fish we can find from the market.

Please check with our staff


照り焼きチキン (GF?)  26

クリスピーチキン  26

茄子の八丁味噌田楽 生モッツァレラ焼き (V)(GF) 26

“Harris farms”ロース豚かつ     28

“Harris farms”豚バラの角煮     29.5

“Canter valley”合鴨の西京焼き  (GF?)  38

ビーフヒレステーキ    (GF?)  36

“South Island King Salmon” サーモンの陶板焼き (GF?) 35

NZ和牛すき焼きうどん付き  (GF?) 35



Steamed Rice

Miso Soup

Seaweed Udon Noodle Soup


Shokado Bento Box


Teriyaki Chicken Dinner Bento Box (GF?)       44

Teriyaki chicken, sashimi, veg & prawn tempura, pickles, miso eggplant, rice & miso soup.


Teriyaki Salmon “South Island King salmon” Dinner Bento Box (GF?)        49

Teriyaki King Salmon, sashimi, veg & prawn tempura, pickles, miso eggplant, rice & miso soup.


Beef Fillet “Hurunui farms” Dinner Bento Box (GF?)       49

Medium rare beef fillet, sashimi, veg & prawn tempura, pickles, miso eggplant, rice & miso soup.


照り焼きチキン弁当 (GF?)       44

照り焼きチキン、刺身、天婦羅(えび 野菜)、漬物、茄子の田楽、味噌汁、ご飯。


照り焼きサーモン“南島産”弁当 (GF?)       49

照り焼サーモン、刺身、天婦羅(えび 野菜)、漬物、茄子の田楽、味噌汁、ご飯。


ビーフヒレステーキ“Hurunui farms”弁当 (GF?)  49

ヒレステーキ、刺身、天婦羅(えび 野菜)、漬物、茄子の田楽、味噌汁、ご飯。